Asked and Answered

Citadel of Sorcery, is this innovative game even possible?

When you take a leap forward in a game design and tell the public about something they have not seen before, there is some natural skepticism.  We understand and sympathize, after all we are also game players, and we have also fallen prey to the marketing hype that just isn't always true once you get into a game.

The game industry is not an easy one, and making MMOs is difficult.  While MMO game designers want to be innovative, they are often hampered by financial concerns and deadlines.   We understand, and have been there ourselves on other projects.  Fortunately, we got a chance to do something different this time, and stick to the design and goals, rather than be forced to push the game out before it is ready.

But, the perception of marketing hype rather than substance affects us all, so how do we overcome this and make you believe in Citadel of Sorcery?  That's a tough nut to crack.  We'd like to address, as best as we can, some of the concerns we have read about from players about our project.
The top concerns are as follows.

  1. The graphics don’t look as good as they could.
  2. After eight years of work, shouldn’t it be further along?
  3. How can a small independently financed team make a major MMORPG?
  4. Isn’t a full size planet too big?
  5. Isn’t what you are promising, impossible?

Let me take them in order.


We won’t be adding final graphics in all areas until we are in the final stretch of the game development.  So, what you are seeing now are Pre-Alpha graphics.  The reason we didn't create game launch ready art is because we didn’t know how long it would take a smaller team to reach Alpha.  It is after that where we would start putting in the final graphics.  If we tried to put them in early on, we would likely have to redo all that work again, especially if too much time passed and computers got faster (which they always do) and graphic cards got better (which they always do).

The graphics you see now are a mix of things; a few nicer ones, and a lot of placeholder. For example, all the NPCs are completely placeholder, since we haven’t finished the NPC generator system yet.  We created the current graphics (and NPCs) because we needed to test various systems along the way.  For that we need certain things, like models that use up texture space.  We