Game News

May 21 2012

Welcome to our MMORPG epic game project, Citadel of Sorcery.

The following information may seem like it’s too good to be true, but honestly, we’re actually holding back a lot of information on the game. Let’s start with a simple version of what we set out to make with this project.

We felt that current MMOs were stagnant and only giving you the minimum needed to attract players. There was no magic in their world; instead they gave you meaningless tasks and endless grinds. We wanted to bring back the magic.
This was so important to us that we named our company, MMO Magic, and set out to smash all the old worn out aspects of an MMO. What we wanted in our world was for your actions to matter. Yes, matter, as in you don’t do the exact same things as other players. You get a unique story and unique adventures that completely change based on who you are, what you do, when you do it, and what is happening in the world that day… or that minute.

It all involves change. The game world is constantly changing. The actions you take change the world. And here is an important thing… the world does not reset to where it was before… not ever. If you kill a monster, it STAYS dead. You will make friends and allies, and become involved with other factions and these will continue through your story, not just this Quest… but into the future. If you make an enemy, he remains your enemy, and it matters because they can hunt you.

This is truly a living world, one in which you will have grand adventures that differ from the other players. Sure, you can band together and will want to! And while you are together your paths will merge, but they will still be different from another group, and if you move on, your paths will diverge, just like real life.

Even the NPCs are living, going through a full life, not standing around all day and night somewhere saying the same thing.

We changed nearly everything. Crafting is not what you are used to, you can craft anything you find into exactly what you want it to be. You can be any race, and change. You can learn any Ability or all 1890 if you work at it long enough! You can be any class and can make up exactly what class you want to be. You have the freedom to change who and what you are, nearly without limitation! You can wear whatever you want and change it to look like what you wish. You can adventure alone or in a small group on an entire planet or you can go to a community world with thousands of other players.

You can fight in the Arena against other players, bet on matches, win tournaments. You can build an actual Guild Hall in a fantastic location, and then give or lease land around it to members, who can construct a village or town.
You can compete against other Guilds, or join together.

But at the heart of it all are our Quests. These are the epic stories of lore and myth, written by novelists, and then our True Questing Module customizes them for EACH PLAYER into individual versions that fit into your personal story. These quests put the Magic back in Fantasy, with stories of real depth and meaning… and each one will reach an epic climax, the outcome of which is completely dependent on what you did during the quest, and the decisions you make at the end. These Quests also tie together into a bigger story, with elements moving between them, again, individualized to each player.

I can go on and on about this amazing game, but this is only an introduction. Come join our adventure in the making of the game by joining our forums, and talking to the other future players and to the developers. We’re excited about his game, and we hope you will be as well.