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Its been a few years...

Akumawraith Saturday, 26 May 2018 00:54

Hello everyone in Knights of the Blinding Light! 

We have had a quiet few years since CoS switched to the new engine and Jatar and the team have had alot of ups and downs. The Team is small, progress is slow with all the barriers they have to over come. They still continue on and we will have an update coming up late June for those at Founder level. 

I for one am excited for the coming update as it is long over due. I do believe it has been over a year since the last if not just at a year. many of us have life issues we have had to deal with, some have moved to new locations, some have had children, and others have graduated from one level of education and moved on. I for one have been working my narrow behind off and in June I will again be adding money into the pool. 

I have asked for an update of any members on Hipchat so I will also mention it here. If anyone has added money to our total in the last 6 months please notify me so that I can update the total.  

Just a side note if anyone has been looking for me on any VoiP Platforms I have taken residence in Discord for the last year hanging around with Meko and Kitty. They are two friends that I consider family that live in Canada and they have livestream channels on Mixer. If interested in joining us let me know and I will get you the channel links after you make a discord account.

Well thats all for now fellow Knights! We are half way through the year and the planets hasnt fallen apart so iI guess we can count this as a blessing!