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Knights of the Blinding Light

Knights of the Blinding Light
Saturday, 03 August 2013
Group Admins:
  • Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! It is a new Year and there is alot going on in CoS. If you havent joined us in Hipchat please feel free to do so. Hang out with other Patrons and even developers!

    We currently have 17 members in our guild! that makes us the largest guild going into COS! Invite friends and family and lets make our guild the best in the Reflected worlds!
    groups.wall 41 days ago
  • Finally got around to Joining. $550 donation.
    groups.wall 127 days ago
  • how to connect Teamspeak ?
    i nid guide !!!
    groups.wall 131 days ago
    Akumawraith Im sorry Tal we ended shutting the TS down because we went over two months with no one but me on it.41 days ago
  • I'll be getting on Teamspeak in the weekend. Possibly tomorrow. Did I mention that I now have a job? The super-exciting variety known as... *drumroll* Cleaning!
    groups.wall 293 days ago
    Akumawraith Grats on the job man!

    Im always in TS so pop in whenever you want. It is good to see you are doing well :)292 days ago
  • So how is everyone doing? Its almost Spring and some Spring Breaks have ended and others are just beginning. There have been some advances in the design of the game and things are looking good.
    For those of you unaware you can access the forums and PM Jatar for an account to access our Altme group and keep up to date on developments or just hang with other members!
    groups.wall 320 days ago
    Akumawraith oh heck yeah... I have read 5 or 6 series this year and am currently on volume 7 of Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Vasreus: days ago
  • Its no problem. Those of us who donate do so for the love of the idea and want this game to be designed. We know that times are tough for some and then there are those who are younger that just dont have access to funds. It isnt something to worry ab
    groups.discussion.reply 376 days ago
  • I don't really check in often or donate because I can't afford to donate, and it makes me feel bad being on here and not donating.
    groups.discussion.reply 385 days ago
  • Happy New Year fellow Knights of the Blinding Light! I hope everyone's holidays were as wonderful as you hoped they would be! We have a few new members to the guild that brings us to a total of 16 members! Also, Altme is down so join us on our Teamspeak server @
    groups.wall 415 days ago
  • And I have finally reached 1000!
    groups.wall 433 days ago
    jatar We'll all see you at the future Dev Briefings!429 days ago
  • Has there been an update as to how close or far away we are from reaching 10,000? If I remember correctly we were at 1500 the last time. And seeing as I am currently going for 50 a month, we should be reaching 2000 soon. If we haven't passed that already what with the new members that seems to be coming and going.
    groups.wall 500 days ago
    Akumawraith ok Jatar confirmed it.. with a total of 5 of 14 donating we have a total of $3600.

    Thanks to the donators!

    Akumawraith, EvilMegaCookie, KarleyAnn, Sanoh, and Tal13031!469 days ago
  • switched over from the founders club today. 250 dollar donation.
    groups.wall 513 days ago
    Akumawraith Welcome to the Knights of the Blinding Light!502 days ago
  • Posted a new announcement, Community Update
    groups.bulletin 515 days ago

Welcome to the Knights of the Blinding Light. We are a group of members from the Rising Phoenix Gaming Community and friends. We thought it would be nice to attempt to push for the Floating Citadel. We welcome all who are willing to work with us to accomplish this endeavor.

Items will be divided as per the amount you put forward, there is no limit to how much you can donate. The council of 8 will be chosen when the game starts up so that we can get the organization up and running for the creation of a guild. The 8 will be chosen based on level of activity, not the amount of donation.

The level of activity will be determined by our members activitiy on the forums at, this groups page. 

All members are welcome into the guild when its created anyone can opt out at thier choosing.

So in closing, Welcome to the community, support the game and be active!


The Teamspak server was shut down due to inactivity. If there are those who would like me to set it back up let me know and I will get it done.


Sunday, 27 September 2015 by Akumawraith

After a few inquiries I decided to set the TS server back up.


Connection Info:

Server -


I will be setting channels up tonight and those who want to can connect immediately.


If you feel like supporting the server the donation link is:


Tuesday, 10 September 2013 by Akumawraith