Game News

Sep 27 2012

The combat system in CoS is very unique, with new innovations in how players work together. Our user interface anticipates options that the player wants so that they don’t have to search through large amounts of icons for what they need. This is important because players are able to fully customize their characters by choosing from any of 1890 unique Abilities. (See "Characters" )

Our A.I. system allows NPC opponents to use the terrain, situation and their varying level of intelligence to affect the strategies they have available. These NPCs may use group tactics and other analysis to determine their strategy. What this means to the player is that every battle situation must be considered, and a new plan of action created, so that all combat is interesting, and doesn’t get old with the same repetition. In CoS, the old ‘Holy Trinity’ or ‘Tank’ system will not work, since each situation requires new strategies. As a player advances through the game, the levels of NPC intelligence are increased, and player strategies must advance with them.

Check out our video on combat: