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Akumawraith posted a new announcement3 weeks ago

Its been a few years...

Hello everyone in Knights of the Blinding Light! We have had a quiet few years since CoS switched to the new engine and Jatar and the team have had alot of ups and downs. The Team is small, progress is slow with all the barriers they have to over...

Knights of the Blinding Light

Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! It is a new Year and there is alot going on in CoS. If you havent joined us in Hipchat please feel free to do so. Hang out with other Patrons and even developers!

We currently have 17 members in our guild!...
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Akumawraith and {target} are now friends 2 years ago

So how is everyone doing? Its almost Spring and some Spring Breaks have ended and others are just beginning. There have been some advances in the design of the game and things are looking good.
For those of you unaware you can access the forums and PM...
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Akumawraith Doing pretty good. Have been catching up on my light novel reading. Got me about 30 new Light novel series to peruse. 2 years ago
EvilMegaCookie Currently been dancing in glee over the seemingly increasing localization of Visual Novels. You? 2 years ago
Akumawraith oh heck yeah... I have read 5 or 6 series this year and am currently on volume 7 of Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Vasreus: Show more 2 years ago

Happy New Year fellow Knights of the Blinding Light! I hope everyone's holidays were as wonderful as you hoped they would be! We have a few new members to the guild that brings us to a total of 16 members! Also, Altme is down so join us on our... Show more

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Akumawraith posted a new announcement3 years ago

Community Update

After a few inquiries I decided to set the TS server back up. Connection Info: Server - I will be setting channels up tonight and those who want to can connect immediately. If you feel like supporting the server the...

Knights of the Blinding Light

I understand what you are saying Tal, and I agree. as it stands right now those keys you have are your own to do with as you please.

Now when it comes closer to game release we may even have a new guild system here on the forums that lets us handle...
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If my calculations are correct we have attained $2500 total for the guild in funding! Keep it up everyone we will get to the 10k goal eventually!

Aye Tal welcome to the Knights of the Blinding Light!

Welcome to the Knights of the Blinding Light Sanoh!

We are still an open invite guild so those who want to invite players are encouraged to do so. We welcome any and all players to join us for our future adventures in Citadel of Sorcery!

Well it has been over a year since Miles Militis of Caecus Lux Lucis came into being and we have grown rather well with several new members. Im not up to date on what our funding totals are but as of the creation of this group we were at $1500. If... Show more

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the game is in development so itll still be a year or so before release. Theres alot of information on the forums about the direction this game and its developers are going. Welcome to the social side of Citadel of Sorcery PrincessCoco