Game News

Sep 27 2012

Your character represents who you are, but unlike other games, CoS allows you to evolve your character endlessly, and without restriction. You may learn any of 1890 Abilities, and over a hundred more Uber Abilities, and every player, of every race may learn any combination of these. Each of these Abilities can also be improved through study and practice. This means that no two players will likely be exactly the same. There are no character classes, or equipment restrictions. Become whatever you want, even changing your race during the game, without having to restart another character. Because there are no level caps, you may expect to take this character into the next game built in this same massive world.


We wanted crafting to be for everyone, yet not have any of the grinds involved with hunting for reagents or ores, or the tediousness of standing at a forge or loom for long periods. We created our own system of crafting for CoS that allows every single piece of Equipment to be customized by the player. All items have a potential crafting value, and players may uses up this potential in many ways, creating a huge variety of magical equipment in the world. All improvements are done through adventuring, not time sinks or grinds. Find a treasure with a Talisman or Charm, and that may be worked into the item. Find a gem or glyph and add it to the weapon. Use ancient artifacts you uncover and empower, then take the item to a place of magic and add the power of that artifact to your crafted item, instantly. Make a Mundane object into a Magical object of YOUR choice, with the powers you want it to have.

Good looks!

We want to make you proud of your character in the game, so one of the things still coming is our character creation system. This is one of the areas that the Kickstarter funds will help to progress rapidly. Right now any shots you see of characters are just placeholders, when it comes to the final art, you will be able to create and completely adjust your body, face and hair into whatever you like, with a ton of customization options!

What you wear is also important, and in CoS, one outfit will not do for all occasions! You will need multiple looks, from gritty combat to ballroom dress or bath toga. While you craft your equipment into the function you want, you can also have it altered in appearance and style to match with the look you are creating for your character.