Game Play


Quests are the heart of the game play in Citadel of Sorcery, and you have our promise that there will not be even one grocery list type quest (fetch me some number of something, or deliver this to so-and-so). Instead, every quest was created by a writer, and is the equivalent of an entire novel series. These incredible stories are then run through our TrueQuesting system that takes the character’s previous history, and generates a custom version of the story tailored to that character. In addition, the actions and choices made by both the player and the game will change the way the quest unfolds. There is always an epic climax to the quest, where the outcome is dependent on what the player did along the way, and how they handle that climax.

Other Game Play

Beyond our amazing quests, the game offers a plethora of other game play options, for every mood of a player. It would take volumes of space to go into all of these in detail, but these are the various types of game options: Missions, League Actions, Campaigns, Warfare, Incursions, Adventures, Crisis, Monster Trapping, Bounty Hunting, Races, and Expeditions. Each of these game play types has different levels of involvement and lengths of game play. Some are for single or small groups in our Story Reflected Worlds, while others are designed for our massive multiplayer Community Reflected Worlds. In addition to all of these, there are several social and mini game options, like gambling and player run theaters.

Shadow Arena ( PVP)

Our game features a coliseum right in the heart of the Citadel of Sorcery. This is a very special place, where players may seek out challenges. These include, but are not limited to, PVP combat in the arena. The players can choose how they want the challenge setup for their bout. They can pick the type of goal, challenge single players or groups to combat. Fight monsters, or add monsters into the mix.

Every style and type of combat in the Arena has its own bracket system, where players may work to become the top player, or group. Guilds may even challenge other Guilds to arena combat. Top players of any bracket are considered Gladiator Champions, and NPCs around the Reflected Worlds will cheer them upon recognition of their status. Statues will be erected of these champions, displayed for all to see.

And then there is the gambling. Every bout is posted ahead of time, and players can bet on these battles. The contestants may also wager against their opponents, winner take all! Full penalty death is even on the table as part of the wager, if so desired, though this is also something that can be removed (meaning, you can fight to the death, but not suffer the full death penalty in the game, which can be severe). What and how much you gamble on the outcome of these battles will add spice and excitement to your challenge! And even if you don’t want to fight, you can still watch the action with special magical viewing eyes you control, and wager on your favorite champion against other spectators.