The following text is a history of the world in which the Citadel of Sorcery exists, up until present day. This back story will be important to the game when you play, since the story progresses on from here. Feel free to read it if you wish, or you will get the same information later when you start the game.

Lore of the Reflected Worlds

  • The Dead Gods +

    It is said that the Beings we call the Dead Gods, were not Gods at all, but were just Beings of energy. They evolved through the chance convergence of Grim and Radiant energy, two different forces. Each random melding of Grim and Radiant energy created a new consciousness. After a Read More
  • The First Age - The Golden Age +

    Thus began the First Age… also known as the Golden Age, for there were no demons on any of the Reflected Worlds… but one. The entrances to the Darkhalls only existed on the original World. The demons were not duplicated by the shattering of the crystals for they were not Read More
  • The Second Age - The Demon / Sorcerer Wars +

    The Second Age is also known as the Demon / Sorcerer Wars. No longer were humans the simple life force food for demons. Descendants of Peran Tremora had the power of sorcery and they used it to fight back. The war between humans and demons waged for more than a thousand Read More
  • The Third Age - The Time of Folly +

    The third age is known as the time of folly. It was not a golden age, even though Demons seemed to be defeated, in fact, it became a second age of Darkness. Humans had paid a terrible toll to defeat the demon hordes. Most of the great cities of the Read More
  • The Fourth Age - The Citadel of Sorcery +

    Throwing down their false Gods was not easy, as human fought human. Only the verduren and the waerians stayed free of the deception. Those who eventually believed that they had been betrayed by demons battled those who still believed in their demon gods to the bitter end. The war ended Read More
  • The Fifth Age - The Coming of Morphael +

    Under the new rule of the Eyes of Darkness, the Reflected Worlds fell further and further into chaos, anarchy and corruption. The Eyes of Darkness ruled through fear, and she did nothing to protect those outside her city, the Citadel of Sorcery. The worlds splintered, and there was much evil Read More
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