Our World


Time continues to move in the Reflected Worlds. At first this may not sound important or earth shaking, but it is. Most MMO games are actually the same day repeated over and over. Not in CoS. Each day the worlds continue to evolve and change. The Reflected Worlds change; every place you went to yesterday could be different today and likely will be. Towns can burn down, yet others will be built. Land is changing hands in the war, kingdoms rise and fall, and most importantly players can cause changes in the world. Tomorrow really is a new day, and you must always expect the unexpected in the Reflected Worlds.


With a world truly the full size of earth, which makes our game planet about nine million times larger than a typical MMO map, the opportunities to explore are extraordinary. Because of this massive scope we had to create several new systems. 

  1. The first are some unique ways of getting around the world in addition to the mount you are given to begin the game. We use a magic Stepping Stone system, this zips you along a path or road, allowing you to see what is going by, though you cannot stop between stones. This allows you to walk stone to stone and zip along a road system over hundreds of miles, and if you see something interesting, ride back along that road to that location. But when you need to travel thousands of miles in a few minutes, you may get a special flying mount, and enter an air corridor in the atmosphere. Here you will still get to see the world going by beneath you, but at thousands of miles per hour. 

  2. The second element of this large world is our map system. No player will ever complete their map of the world, but they may continuously make it better. They can explore the world on their own, and their map will fill in as they do so in that area. They can buy small mapped areas of world, in various qualities, and have those added to their own world map. You can even sell portions of your map to other players for profit. Map creation is an entire game play element, but only one of many.