The Verduren


Back in the Second age of the world, a group of humans choose to meld with the organic elements of the world and thus became what other humans eventually called the Verduren. After the 'change' they could blend themselves into the wild and hinder detection by demons seeking humans to feed upon. Their bodies and skin mimicked the foliage around them, and even their temperaments came to be tied to the Verdurenway of flora.

Patience is a hallmark of the Verduren. Never ask a Verduren to tell a story, this is because Verduren stories are inherently long, complex and with hidden meanings, and most races think they will grow old before the Verduren storyteller reaches the end. Their sense of humor is very complex, too complex for most other races who don't understand what the Verdurens are laughing at, which is almost always something about their rash behavior. For this reason other races find them haughty and aloof.

The Verduren race is long lived, like trees, and they are slow to change. Due to this long life they are often ambivalent to other races, and amused or even annoyed with what they consider rash and childish behavior. They believe in being careful, unless there is no other choice available. Some races see this as cowardice, but Verdurens are not cowards in any way, in fact, some of their solutions are brave beyond measure. They just don't believe in taking stupid risks, but they are all about calculated risks.

They value nature in all its forms, revering the world unspoiled by machine and technology. Their villages tend to be a part of the landscape, melding in look and feel to the surroundings. They adapt the living foliage to form their homes, and hide them from enemies. They can live in the tops of trees, pulling nutrients directly from the tree, which gains it from its roots. But Verduren can also live in other places, like grasslands, or even in the fens of a river. Pretty much anywhere that dense enough flora is found. In many places they gain their own nutrients directly from the soil, though all Verdurens need sunlight for part of their energy and life.

Appearance and Camouflage:

The Verdurens have ears the shape of leaves and skin the texture of foliage. They have long tilted eyes, thin lips and mouth, and small noses. They stand tall like humans, and their bodies, once derived from human stock are very similar to their human origins in form and size. They can blend into live foliage with uncanny camouflage, particularly the type of fau