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 Post Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:12 pm 

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Waerian male: Havardan Tarisora

I think this fits with the lore as of now.

Despite both parents being incredibly powerful sorcerers, Havarden was unable to attain any abilities that a normal person of the blood could. After months of experiments, they eventually brought him to a well respected seer on the edge of their city. Although Havarden was unable to use his abilities, he was still storing the grim and radiant energy within him at an enormous rate.

The seer is successful! Although in the process of unlocking his potential, most of the energy stored within him, was violently expelled from his body. This devastated the area around, killing all those within, leaving the area uninhabitable for weeks and forcing Havarden unconscious. Although now unlocked, his potential remain unavailable for quite some time, from the trauma of this event. Attracted by the explosion, a member of a shadowy organization, finds only the unconscious child and the ruins surrounding. (hmm, this fire power may come in handy later. Do want!)

Being raised as an assassin came naturally to him. Becoming emotionally unattached at will, is a highly coveted skill. Swiftly rising through the ranks, he eventually gained the title of "Shadow of the alpha Uhm", the leader of the organization is only known as "Alpha Uhm". He created clones of himself to fake a death, be omnipresent or other purposes, giving the original the title "Alpha".

Havarden was put in charge of overseeing the construction of a fortress deep into the enchantress's land. Word of this fortress was leaked to the militia. A massive battle ensued but ultimately ended with Havarden being the only survivor of the assassins. Captured and an executioner ready, he lowers his head. Pushing through his mental and physical scars, realizing that he MUST use his power. For the first time in 25 years, he is unrestrained. Unleashing a torrent of destruction, felt hundreds of miles away. No life is present within many miles of the site. Once again, left unconscious, but this time, eventually found by the soldiers and brought back to face the enchantress. Rather then being executed for being too dangerous, she saw potential.

The enchantress manages to gain his allegiance by convincing him that Alpha Uhm betrayed him and set him to be captured and executed. He would ally with her, and learn from her until Alpha Uhm is dead (if that is even possible). After her capture into the darkhalls, Havarden understands that he needs her to kill Uhm. and so was one of the first of her heroes to agree to stage the rescue. Enter the fallen hero. Havarden Tarisora.

I'm not concerned about making mistakes. I'm merely proving true the statement "It happens to the best of us."

 Post Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:46 pm 
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Lonfer wrote:
Erm, won't our memories be erased once our souls are put in a new body? It seems like if we have a backstory, we will have no idea what it was.

Based on that, my backstory will be I'll wake up in the Citadel with no clue as to what's happened or what's going on. I imagine that I'll be quite confused. :?

This assumes that your character doesn't have a metaphysical existence (in relation to your body's physical plane of existence only) which keeps going on uninterrupted, despite the temporary absence of a body.

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